Smithfield, Town of

Contact Information
TOWN MANAGER, Randy R. Rossi (401)233-1010 [email protected]
ACTING TOWN CLERK, Lyn Antonuccio (401)233-1000 [email protected]
ASSESSOR, Christopher Celeste (401)233-1014 [email protected]
PLANNING DIRECTOR, Michael A. Phillips (401)233-1017 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF, Richard St. Sauveur (401)231-2500 [email protected]
FIRE CHIEF, Robert W. Seltzer (401)949-1330 [email protected]
TOWN SOLICITOR, Anthony Gallone (401)232-4000 [email protected]
BUILDING/ZONING OFFICIAL, Chirstopher McWhite (401)233-1039 [email protected]
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR, Gene Allen (401)233-1034 [email protected]
TOWN ENGINEER, Kevin Cleary PE (401)233-1041 [email protected]
PARKS & RECREATION DIRECTOR, Robert Caine (401)349-0612 [email protected]
ICE RINK MANAGER, Thomas J. Tullie (401)233-1051 [email protected]
SENIOR CENTER DIRECTOR, Karen Armstrong (401)949-4590 [email protected]
SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT, Dawn Bartz (401)231-6606 [email protected]
HOUSING AUTHORITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Claire Fortin (401)949-0270 [email protected]
FINANCE DIRECTOR/TAX COLLECTOR, Danielle Carey (401)233-1005 [email protected]
John J. Tassoni Jr. (401)451-1305 [email protected]
T. Michael Lawton (401)300-1151 [email protected]
Sean M. Kilduff (401)256-7560 [email protected]
Racehl Toppi (401)871-7034 [email protected]
Michael P. Iannotti (401)862-6315 [email protected]
School Committee
Jessica Sala (401)757-0445 [email protected]
Richard Iannitelli (401)949-1230 [email protected]
Benjamin Caisse (401)368-8755 [email protected]
Anthony Torregrossa (401)525-1463 [email protected]

Annual Meetings as Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State

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Upcoming Meetings as Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State

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Recently Submitted Meeting Minutes

Contact Info Meeting Date Notice Filed Minutes Filed Date
Virtual Meeting hosted via,, Dial in number: 1-866-899-4679, Access Code: 883-167-589, RI, 02917 Jun 24 2020, 05:00PM Jun 29 2020, 04:03PM

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