Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal Judge

Edward C. Parker


Contact Information
  • 670 New London Ave., Cranston, RI, 02920
  • Office Phone: (401)275-2872
  • TTY: 711
General Background
  • High School: Saint Raphael Academy, 1956
  • College: Boston College, AB, 1961
  • Graduate School: New England School of Law, JD, 1966
  • Additional Info: Vice-Chair, Pawtucket Housing Authority
Public Service Information
  • Appointed by: Governor Edward D. DiPrete
  • Term Length Service: Lifetime
  • Appointment Date: June 16, 1986
  • The judicial process of the Traffic Tribunal begins when a ticket is issued by law enforcement. This ticket is a legal document charging the litigant with a violation and a legal summons for his or her appearance at a hearing.

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