General Treasurer Seth Magaziner

General Treasurer

  • Date of Birth: 07/22/1983
Contact Information
General Background
  • High School: Milton Academy
  • College: Brown University, BA
  • Graduate School: Yale University, MBA
  • Previous Occupations: Investment Professional; Teacher
Major Responsibilities
  • The Office of the General Treasurer includes the Employee's Retirement System, which oversees pension and retirement benefits for state employees, teachers and many municipal public servants throughout the state. The Crime Victims' Compensation Program helps victims who suffer financial losses as a result of a crime. The Office also returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Rhode Islanders every year; oversees the state's CollegeBound 529 savings programs; ABLE tax-advantaged savings accounts for Rhode Islanders living with disabilities; financial literacy programs in middle-schools and high-schools throughout the state; and invests the state's $8 billion pension fund to achieve longer-term growth and sustainability.
Public Service Information
  • Public Offices and Appointments: ERSRI Retirement Board; Chair, State Investment Commission; Chair, Public Finance Management Board; Chair, Advisory Committee to Locally Administered Pension Plans; Chair, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank; Board Member, Rhode Island Housing and Mortgages Finance Corporation; Board Member, Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
  • The General Treasurer is a statewide general officer dedicated to promoting economic growth and financial stability for all Rhode Islanders. As steward of the state's finances, the General Treasurer oversees the state's investments, banking, borrowing, and retirement system. The General Treasurer is one of five General Officers elected every four years by the statewide electorate.
Key Staff
Chief of Staff, Kate Brock (401)222-2397
Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Manca (401)462-7637
General Counsel/Deputy Treasurer, Amy Crane (401)462-7612
Executive Director, Retirement System, Frank J.Karpinski (401)222-2397
Deputy Treasurer, Public Finance & Policy, Kelly Rogers (401)222-2397
Director of Legislation and Outreach, LeeAnn Byrne (401)222-2397
Director of Communications, Evan England (401)222-2397
Director of Constituent Relations, Charon Rose (401)222-2397
Chief Legal Counsel, Amy Crane (401)222-2397
Cash Manager, Jeffrey Thurston (401)222-2397

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