Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos

Lieutenant Governor

Contact Information
  • RI
  • TTY: 711
General Background
  • College: Rhode Island College
Major Responsibilities
  • Under state law, the Lieutenant Governor is responsible for working in several policy areas in state government through the councils he chairs. They include the Small Business Advocacy Council, which was created to give small businesses a voice in government; the Rhode Island Emergency Management Advisory Council, which helps ensure the state is prepared for emergencies; and the Long Term Care Coordinating Council, which works to preserve seniors' quality of life in all settings. Under an executive order signed in 2015, the Lieutenant Governor is also leading an effort to develop best practices for the sharing of services by Rhode Island's cities and towns.
Public Service Information
  • Public Offices and Appointments: City Council President - Providence
  • The Lieutenant Governor is elected by the voters of Rhode Island to serve as one of the five General Officers mandated by the State's Constitution. Under the Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor assumes the duties of the Governor during any vacancies in the Governor's office or in the event the Governor is unable to serve. The Lieutenant Governor is also charged with serving in a number of other capacities, including chairing several councils. The Lieutenant Governor may serve two consecutive four-year terms.
Key Staff
Chief of Staff, Ernest A.Almonte
Policy Advisor/Special Projects, Billy Kepner
Executive Secretary, Katia Lugo

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