Michael W. Chippendale

House Minority Leader

  • Date of Birth: 04/25/1969
  • Spouse: Sherri Chippendale
  • Children: Paige JoEllen; Seighin Michael
Contact Information
  • RI
  • TTY: 711
General Background
  • High School: Johnston High School
  • College: New England Institute of Technology; Johnson and Wales University
  • Previous Occupations: Engineer; Operations Manager; Business Owner
Major Responsibilities
  • Represents Minority party interests on the House floor. Works with the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader to ensure the proper proceedings of the House in accordance with the rules. Serves as Secretary of the Joint Committee on Legislative Services. Manages the House Minority Office and oversees a staff responsible for attending to the legislative agenda and constituent services of members of the Republican caucus.
Public Service Information
  • Public Offices and Appointments: Elected Representative November 2, 2010, Elected House Minority Leader, June 2022
  • Prior Government Offices: Appointed Board Member, Foster/Glocester Juvenile Hearing Board
  • In 1636, Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, established the first working model of Democracy after being banished from Massachusetts for his “extreme views” concerning freedom of speech and religion. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams publicly acknowledged Williams as the originator of these concepts, along with the freedom of public assembly, in the First Amendment in the United States Constitution. Today, Rhode Island House Republicans uphold the liberties designed by our Founders and preserved in our Constitution, and are the primary legislative body promoting lean and effective core government services, fighting for lower taxes, and advocating for initiatives and policies that improve the economy and in turn, the lives of Rhode Islanders. As members of a part-time assembly, we are small business owners, retired educators, community activists, lawyers, farmers, military service veterans, volunteers, former local officials, retired social workers, coaches, musicians, churchgoers and board directors -- bringing these community engagement and professional experiences to our work, on Rhode Islander’s behalf, at the Rhode Island State House.
Key Staff
Chief of Staff, Sue Stenhouse (401)222-2259 [email protected]
Legal Counsel, Daniel P.Reilly (401)222-2259 [email protected]
Policy Research Analyst, Jonathan Dufromont (401)222-2259 [email protected]
Policy Research Analyst, Bryan Law (401)222-2259 [email protected]
Constituent Liaison, Joseph Golomboski (401)222-2259 [email protected]

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