Ambulance Service Advisory Board, Rhode Island

Contact Information

John Potvin
(401) 431-4616

Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
James Richard Union Appointed EMT 05/14/2018 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
John H. Potvin Chair 05/24/2018 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
Captain Raymond Medeiros Paid EMT 05/25/2018 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
Jason Rhodes Rep. Department of Health 06/07/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Jason R. Umbenhauer Rep. Kent County 05/02/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Andrew Pappas Representing Private Ambulance Service 05/01/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Randall Watt Rep. Newport County 05/09/2018 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Gillian Cardarelli Rep. Providence County 06/08/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Chafee
Kathleen Barton General Public 05/01/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Michael A. DeMello Rep. Bristol County 05/22/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Joseph R. Lauro MD Rep. American College of Emergency Physicians 05/05/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Bethany Gingerella R.N., NREMT Rep. Washington County 05/25/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Kimberly Perreault Rep. Providence County Volunteer Department 07/11/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Michael David Connolly M.D. Representing the American College of Surgeons RI 10/28/2015 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Dawn M. Lewis Hospital Association of RI Representative 05/01/2017 02/01/2017 Governor Chafee
Kenneth A. Williams M.D. Rhode Island Medical Society Representative 02/23/2016 Governor Raimondo
John N. Pliakas RN, MSN, ACNP, NREMT-P Representing Emergency Nurses Association 09/06/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Chief Albert Peterson General Public Representative 02/01/2020 Governor Raimondo
The Hon. Joseph Polisena Recommended by the Senate President 09/25/2019 02/01/2024 President of the Senate Ruggerio
Scott Partington Rep. RI Assoc. of Fire Chiefs 05/23/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Lynne M. Palmisciano MD Rep. RI Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Adam Reis R.N. Representing Private Ambulance Service 05/01/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Paul A. Casey Recommended by the Speaker of the House 10/05/2015 02/01/2020 Governor Raimondo
Pamela J. Blodgett RI Satate Firemen's League 05/14/2018 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
Carolina Roberts-Santana MD Representative for RI Department of Health 02/01/2021 Governor Raimondo
Zachariah R Kenyon 07/22/2019 02/01/2021 Governor Raimondo
Lori L Poirier 02/20/2020 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
Keith Calci 03/02/2020 02/01/2025 Speaker of the House Mattiello
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