Hoisting Engineers, Board of Examiners of

Contact Information

Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Edward V. Zambarano Member Holding a Full Licensed Hoisting Engineer 12/07/2015 06/30/2018 Governor Raimondo
James H. Woloohojian Fully Licensed Hoisting Engineer 10/10/2008 06/30/2023 Governor McKee
James Grundy Licensed Pay Loader/Backhoe Operator 12/07/2015 06/30/2024 Governor McKee
Administrator of the Division of Occupational Safety Statutory
Chief Boiler Inspector Statutory
Director Department of Labor and Training Statutory
James White Practical Exp. with full license 12/01/2021 06/30/2023 Governor McKee
Joseph Graziano Hoisting Engineer with Regular Endorsement 04/06/2011 06/30/2014 Governor Chafee
Brian Iannuccillo Hoisting Engineer with Regular License 03/16/2011 06/30/2023 Governor McKee
Alexis Bacon Fully Licensed hoisting Engineer 06/30/2024 Governor McKee
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