National and Community Service, d/b/a ServeRI, Rhode Island Commission for

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PL 2017 ch 395
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Kayla Rosen Expert educational training and developmental need 07/23/2018 09/01/2024 Governor Raimondo
Arthur Plitt Community Based Agency 11/13/2018 09/01/2024 Governor McKee
Gianna DeLuca Rep.for community based agencies 11/04/2019 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Daniela Fairchild 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Kimberly Fernandez 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Carlon Howard 03/21/2019 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Janice Pothier Pac Community Based Agency 12/26/2018 09/01/2024 Governor McKee
Amy Albert Rep. of national service program 09/01/2024 Governor McKee
Brian Darrow Designee to Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Governor McKee
Dana Borrelli-Murray Educational Training and Youth Development 09/01/2024 Governor McKee
Catherine McConnell Designee to Commissioner of Postsecondary Education Governor McKee
Pedro Pastor Ind. between ages 16 and 25 09/01/2023 Governor McKee
Kelly Powers Rep. of a for Profit Business 09/01/2023 Governor McKee
Elise Swearingen Rep. of Local Government 09/01/2023 Governor McKee
Roger A Dunn Community Based Service Agency 04/07/2022 09/01/2025 Governor McKee
Joseph M Downey Rep. of Local Labor 09/01/2022 Governor McKee
Stephan A Rodriguez Community Based Services Agency 09/01/2022 Governor McKee
Lindsey Ravizza National Service Program 09/12/2022 09/01/2022 Governor McKee
Kristin Read Community Based Agency 09/01/2025 Governor McKee
Amanda Cantrell 08/01/2022 09/01/2025 Governor McKee
Mavis Nimoh Community Based Agency 09/13/2022 09/01/2025 Governor McKee
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