Rehabilitation Advisory Council, State

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Nancy Baker

Ex. Order 1993-24
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Yohann L Greaves 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Joan Fino Rep. Busn., Industry & Labor/Comm. Rehab Svc Provi 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Bryant Lemus Berganza Rep. current or former applicants/recipients of vo 12/12/2011 11/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Kelley Conti Rep. Individuals w/Physical, Cognitive, Sensory.. 11/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Kim Wennermark Rep. current or former applicants/recipients of vo 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Christine Botts Rep. Ind. w/physical, cognitive, sensory & mental 11/01/2018 Governor Chafee
Diana Kriner Rep. Parent Training and Info. Center 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Catherine Sansonetti Rep. client assistance program 06/22/2007 11/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Thomas Wheeler Clemons Rep. the Dept. of Rehabilitation Services 11/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Jane Slade Rep. State Education Agency 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Lea Colardo Rep. community rehabilitation service provider 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Chafee
Roger Andrew Iannetta Rep. Business, Industry, Labor 11/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Cynthia Cote Rep. A Community Rehabilitation Prgm. Svc. Provide 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Chafee
Domenic DiOrio Representing individuals with disabilities 04/01/2013 11/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Elizabeth Graves Representing Individuals with Disabilities 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Michael Hazard Rep. Individuals with Disability 11/01/2013 Governor Chafee
Margaret Hoye Rep. Individual with a disability 11/25/2011 11/01/2013 Governor Chafee
Kate McCarthy-Barnett Rep. Individuals with a Disability and a Comm. Reh 06/19/2008 11/01/2013 Governor Chafee
Juan Troncosco Rep. The Hispanic Comm. And underserved pop. W/dis 01/04/2012 11/01/2013 Governor Chafee
Willa Truelove Rep. Individuals w/disabilites who have diff. rep. 06/15/2016 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Rep. individuals w/disabilities who have difficult 11/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Dorothy Furlong Rep. ORS Consumer, inidviduals w/a disability 07/13/2010 11/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Paul Harden Rep. business, industry and labor 06/15/2016 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Christine Yankee Rep. Community Service Provider 06/21/2017 11/01/2019 Governor Raimondo
Dan Perrioni Rep. ORS Consumer, individuals w/a disability 06/15/2016 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Maryellen T. Hagerty Rep. Education & Community Rehab Service Provider 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Doreen McConaghy Rep. Ind. W/dis. Who have diff rep themselves 11/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Aracelis Maria Rep. Ind. W/physical, cognitive sensory & mental d 11/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Christina Battista 03/02/2017 11/01/2019 Governor Raimondo
Margaret M Benz 03/01/2017 11/01/2019 Governor Raimondo
Rocco Bruno 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Dr. Mona Dorsinville-Phanor 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Judith L. Drew 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Raymond Bandusky 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
Marilyn Walaska 06/15/2016 11/01/2016 Governor Raimondo
Barbara Henry 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Gail Lawson Ph.D. 02/01/2017 11/01/2019 Governor Raimondo
Diana Marcotte 06/15/2016 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Lori Norris 06/15/2016 11/01/2017 Governor Raimondo
Jack Ringland 02/10/2017 11/01/2019 Governor Raimondo
Vincent Rossi 06/15/2016 11/01/2018 Governor Raimondo
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