Telecommunications Systems Contractors, Technicians, and Installers, Board of Examination and Licensing of

Contact Information

Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
G. Thomas Chabot Rep. State Building Code Commission 03/19/2007 08/01/2010 Governor Carcieri
Jay Bombardier Rep. Sound Technicians 05/03/2007 08/01/2011 Governor Carcieri
Robert Zuba Rep. Municipal Electrical Inspectors 03/16/2000 08/01/2006 Governor Almond
Laurence E. Ryan Jr. Rep. Electrical /Telecommunications Technicians 04/25/2003 08/01/2009 Governor Carcieri
Paul A. Feeney Rep. Paul A. Feeney 08/01/2008 Governor Almond
Steven J. Murphy Rep. Video Technicians 05/21/2013 08/01/2017 Governor Chafee
Steven J. Mollo Rep. Data Technicians 06/28/2001 08/01/2007 Governor Almond
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