Criminal Justice Policy Board

Contact Information

Gina Tocco
(401) 764-5798


Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Chairperson of the State Board of Regents Statutory
Director Department of Children, Youth and Families Statutory
Chief Judge of Family Court Statutory
Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association
Speaker of the House
Speaker of the House
Rep. Gordon D. Fox Speaker of the House Harwood
President of the Senate
President of the Senate
Director Department of Corrections Statutory
Director Department of Human Services Statutory
Director Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Hospitals Statutory
Attorney General Statutory
Superintendent of State Police Statutory
Public Defender Statutory
President of the Rhode Island Police Chief's Association | Statutory
Robert D. O'Neil Public Member 03/21/2005 Governor Carcieri
Sharon Conard-Wells Public Member 04/06/1995 Governor Almond
Deborah DeBare Private Citizen 03/01/2002 Governor McKee
Sen. Dennis L. Algiere President of the Senate Irons
PJ Fox III Private Citizen 12/20/2017 Governor McKee
Chief Justice of Supreme Court Statutory
Presiding Justice of Superior Court Statutory
Chief Judge of District Court Statutory
Executive Director of the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns Statutory
Director Department of Health Statutory
Director Division of Fire Safety Statutory
Michael P. Quinn Public Member 11/09/2005 Governor Carcieri
Speaker of the House
Toby Ayers Rep. of Community Service Org. Governor McKee
Caitlin O'Connor Vice Chairperson 04/17/2024 Governor McKee
George A. Zainyeh Chairperson - Private Citizen Governor McKee
Meko Lincoln 11/21/2023 Governor McKee
Keith Hoffmann Designee to Attorney General Attorney General Peter F. Neronha
Kathryn M Sabitini Designee to Attorney General Attorney General Peter F. Neronha
Katherine E Brown Representative Community Organization Governor McKee
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