Elections, Board of

Contact Information

Patricia Doyle-Chatelle

50 Branch Ave., Providence, RI, 02904
(401) 222-2345
(401) 222-3135
[email protected]

The mission of the Board of Elections is to protect the integrity of the electoral process, and to effectively and efficiently administer the provisions of the election laws of the United States and the State of Rhode Island including, but not limited to, the governance and conduct of elections, voter registration, campaign finance, public funding of campaigns, and any other duties prescribed by law.
The Board is responsible for implementing, monitoring, and enforcing federal and state laws as they apply to election and election-related activities conducted in Rhode Island. Additionally, the Board adopts rules and regulations and issues directives as it deems necessary to carry out the purpose and objectives of the election and campaign finance laws of Rhode Island.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Director of Campaign Finance Richard F. Thornton (401) 222-2345 [email protected]
Deputy Director of Elections Miguel J. Nunez (401) 222-2345
Legal Counsel Raymond A. Marcaccio (401) 222-2345 [email protected]

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