Funeral Directors/ Embalmers, Board of Examiners

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Linda Esposito

The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Department and to the Director of Health in all matters pertaining to the practice of the profession. The Board is responsible for the review and approval of applications for initial licensure, the formulation and promulgation of Rules and Regulations pertaining to the practice of the profession and for the over all exercise of disciplinary authority over all persons and facilities regulated under the statute. The categories of professional licensure and certification which fall within the authority of the Board are crematory facilities, funeral establishments, embalmers/funeral directors and intern funeral directors. Individuals regulated under the authority of this Statute provide services which directly effect the physical and mental health of the citizens of Rhode Island. The Board, and the Department of Health, strive to assure that only the highest quality care and services are delivered to the consumer. It is the mission of the Board to ensure that only qualified individuals enter the regulated profession, that the care and services which these individuals provide are within the standard of practice of the profession and that they maintain their professional competence through continuing education activities if required by statute.

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