Architects, Board of Examination and Registration of

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Dawne Broadfield
(401) 889-5446

The Board of Examination and Registration of Architects was established by Chapter 23-27 of the Rhode Island Public Laws in 1936. This law was repealed in its entirety in 1977 and was replaced by Title 5, Chapter 1 of the Rhode Island General Laws. The Rhode Island Board of Examination and Registration of Architects establishes suitable rules and regulations for the examination and registration of architects, the practice of the profession of architecture, and the issuance and renewal of certificates that it deems appropriate, including rules for the issuance of certificates by reciprocity.
The Board is responsible for examining and registering qualified candidates; issuing license renewals when appropriate; maintaining records of all applicants and licensees; implementing rules and regulations; hearing and acting upon complaints.

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Business Management Officer Dawne Broadfield 401-889-5446 [email protected]

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