Health Insurance Commissioner, Office of the

Contact Information

Alyssa Metivier

1511 Pontiac Ave., Bldg. 69-1, Cranston, RI, 02920
(401) 462-9517
(401) 462-9579
[email protected]

The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC) was established by legislation in 2004 to broaden the accountability of health insurers operating in the state of Rhode Island.
The OHIC Purposes Statute is condensed as: "ensuring solvency, protecting consumers, engaging providers and improving the system." The Office sets and enforces standards for health insurers in each of these four areas.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Executive Legal Counsel Emily Maranjian 401-462-9636 [email protected]
Administrative Officer Alyssa Metivier 401-462-1677 [email protected]
Principal Policy Associate Cory King 401-462-9643 [email protected]
Finance Director/SERFF Coordinator Maria Casale (401)-462-9640 [email protected]
SIM Director Marti Rosenberg 401-462-9659 [email protected]
Principal Policy Associate Libby Bunzli 401-462-2144 [email protected]
Principal Policy Associate Marea Tumber (401)-462-2144 [email protected]
Administrative Officer Jonelie Cardoza (401)-462-6428 [email protected]
Health Economic Specialist Victor Woods 401-462-9643 [email protected]
Senior Policy Analyst Courtney Miner (401)-462-9668 [email protected]
Senior Policy Analyst James Lucht 401-462-2144
Senior Policy Analyst Cheryl DelPico (401) 462-9637 [email protected]
Director of Operations Linda Johnson (401)-462-9642 [email protected]
Director of Operations Linda Johnson 401-462-9642
Health Economic Specialist Alyssa Metivier (401)-462-1677 [email protected]
Health Economic Specialist John Garrett 401-462-2147 [email protected]
Principal Policy Associate John Garrett (401)-462-2147 [email protected]

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