Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, Rhode Island

Contact Information

Sarah Zurier
(401) 222-4142

150 Benefit St., Providence, RI, 02903
(401) 222-2678
(401) 222-2968
[email protected]


The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission is the state office for historic preservation and heritage programs.
The Commission also develops and carries out programs to document, support, and celebrate the ethnic and cultural heritage of Rhode Island's people. The Commission identifies and protects historic and prehistoric sites, buildings, and districts, administers grants, loans, and tax credits for rehabilitation of historic buildings; and reviews federal and state projects that affect cultural resources.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Deputy Director Jeffrey D. Emidy 401-222-4134 [email protected]
Principal Fiscal Manager Joyce Gervasio (401)-222-2077 [email protected]
Principal Historical Architect Roberta Randall 401-222-4333 [email protected]
Principal Historical Architect Virginia S. Hesse (401)-222-4135 [email protected]
Principal Archaeologist Timothy Ives 401-222-4139 [email protected]
Principal Reviewer: Transportation Projects Michaela Jergensen 401-222-4137 [email protected]
Principal Preservation Projects Coordinator Sarah Zurier 401-222-4142 [email protected]
Senior Clerk Typist 401-222-3103
Senior Grants Manager Katherine J. Pomplun 401-222-4131 [email protected]
Senior Archaeologist Charlotte C.W. Taylor 401-222-4140 [email protected]
Senior Architectural Historian Elizabeth Warburton 401-222-4132 [email protected]
Receptionist/Fiscal Clerk Rosemary Carreiro 401-222-3103 [email protected]
Heritage Coordinator Donna Alqassar 401-222-4133
Data Control Clerk Enerida Ademi (401)-222-4138 [email protected]
Data Control Clerk Alicia Chy
Data Control Clerk Enerida Ademi 401-222-4138
Data Control Clerk Mercedes A. Monteiro 401-222-4133 [email protected]

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