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Donna Fiske
(401) 222-3880

One Capitol Hill, , 3rd Fl., Providence, RI, 02908
(401) 222-3880
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The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) is an agency of state government, created by law in 1967 to “insure that the role of the arts in the life of Rhode Island communities will continue to grow and will play an even more significant part in the welfare and educational experience of our citizens.”
RIGL § 42-75-7 Duties of commission. – The duties of the commission shall be: (1) To stimulate and encourage throughout Rhode Island the study and presentation of the performing, visual, and environmental arts and public interest and participation therein; (2) To survey and assess the needs of the arts throughout Rhode Island and to make recommendations to the general assembly and the governor to encourage the arts so as to meet the legitimate needs and aspirations of the citizens of the state; (3) To take any steps necessary and appropriate to expand the state's cultural resources and to encourage the growth of local community arts councils; (4) To encourage and protect freedom of artistic expression in Rhode Island; and (5) To co-operate with the commission of education in all areas in which the arts are applicable to primary and secondary education, including the use of educational television and other media in the promotion and presentation of the arts.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Executive Director Lynne McCormack 401-222-3883 [email protected]
Arts in Education Program Director
Community Arts Program Director Elena Calderon Patino (401)-222-6996 [email protected]
Individual Artists Program Director Mollie Flanagan (401)-222-3881 [email protected]
Organizations Program Director Todd Trebour (401)-222-3882 [email protected]
Fiscal and Office Manager Donna Fiske 401-222-1148 [email protected]
RI Film and TV Office Director Steven Feinberg 401-222-3456
Communications and Public Engagement Director Faye Zuckerman 401-641-3642 [email protected]
Assistant to the Film Office Director Carol Conley 401-222-3456 [email protected]
Webmaster, Location Photographer and Video Editor Scott Saracen 401-222-3456 [email protected],gov

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