Investment Commission, Rhode Island State

Contact Information

Justin Maistrow

Office of the General Treasurer, State House Room 102, Providence, RI, 02903
(401) 222-2397
(401) 222-6140
[email protected]

The State Investment Commission is a 10-member volunteer body that is chaired by the General Treasurer. The Commission, which meets monthly, handles the investments of the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island as well as oversees non-pension related investments such as the General Fund. The General Treasurer is the Chair of the State Investment Commission. The State Investment Commission establishes the state’s investment policies, which are administered by the Office of the General Treasurer.
Investment of the state’s $10 billion pension fund, encompassing the Rhode Island State Employees, Teachers and Municipal Employees retirement funds. The Commission also helps to oversee other non-pension related state investments, such as the General Fund, the Lottery Commission Fund, the Temporary Disability Fund, and the Highway Fund.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Chief Investment Officer Eric Baggesen
Deputy Chief Investment Officer Justin Maistrow
Chief of Staff Gonzalo Cuervo
General Counsel Eileen Cheng
Executive Director, Retirement System Frank J. Karpinski
Chief Operations Officer Tiffany Kaschel
Director of Communications Michelle Moreno-Silva
Cash Manager Jeffrey Thurston

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