Lincoln, Town of

Contact Information

Karen Allen

Lincoln Town Hall, 100 Old River Rd. P.O. Box 100, Lincoln, RI, 02865
(401) 333-1100
(401) 333-3648

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN ADMINISTRATOR T. Joseph Almond 401-333-8419 [email protected]
ASSESSOR Elaine Mondillo 401-333-8448 [email protected]
BUILDING OFFICIAL Roger Pierce 401-333-8429 [email protected]
TOWN CLERK Karen D. Allen 401-333-8451 [email protected]
FINANCE DIRECTOR/TAX COLLECTOR John F. Ward 401-333-8440 [email protected]
HUMAN SERVICES DIRECTOR Lois Durkin 401-753-7000 [email protected]
LIBRARIAN Becky Boragine 401-333-2422 [email protected]
TOWN PLANNER Albert V. Ranaldi Jr. 401-333-8433 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF Chief Brian Sullivan 401-333-8281 [email protected]
PROBATE JUDGE Joseph T. Little 401-434-3800
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Mike Gagnon 401-333-8423 [email protected]
SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Georgia Fortunado 401-721-3300
TOWN SOLICITOR Anthony DeSisto 401-421-0170 [email protected]
WATER OFFICIAL John Faile P.E. 401-334-6735 [email protected]
ZONING OFFICIAL Russell Hervieux 401-333-8427 [email protected]
TOWN ENGINEER Leslie Quish 401-333-8415 [email protected]
PURCHASING AGENT Diane Salisbury 401-333-8445 [email protected]
RECREATION DIRECTOR Paul Prachniak 401-333-8417 [email protected]
HOUSING AUTH. EXEC. DIRECTOR Claudette Kuligowski 401-724-8910 [email protected]
PERSONNEL DIRECTOR Joanne McManus 401-333-8434 [email protected]
DEFENSE CIVIL PREP. DIRECTOR Ernest Lacombe 401-724-8877

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 Arthur S. Russo Jr. 401-305-3225 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 Bruce Ogni 401-533-4459 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 3 Keith E. Macksoud 401-727-2443 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 4 James R. Jahnz 401-334-8993 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 5 Kenneth G. Pichette 401-762-5917 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - DISTRICT 3 Kristine L. Donabedian 401-270-7206
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - AT LARGE Joseph Goho 401-255-1997
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - DISTRICT 5 Stacy Rapko-Bruckner 401-766-2897
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - AT LARGE Julie M. Zito 401-334-3363
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - DISTRICT 1 John LaFleur 401-231-4830
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - DISTRICT 2 John Picozzi 401-871-4433
SCHOOL COMMITTEE - DISTRICT 4 Mary Anne H. Roll 401-333-0631

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