North Providence, Town of

Contact Information

ernest calandra

2000 Smith St., North Providence, RI, 02911
(401) 232-0900
(401) 231-9855
[email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
MAYOR Charles Lombardi 401-232-0900 x226
CHIEF OF STAFF G. Richard Fossa 401-232-0900 x226
POLICE CHIEF Colonel David P. Tikoian 4012320900
FIRE CHIEF John Silva 4012320900
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Bernard Salvatore 401-233-1440
TOWN CLERK Mary Ann DeAngelus 401-232-0900 x207
TAX COLLECTOR Thomas Kane (401)-232-0900
RECREATION DIRECTOR Lois Barbieri 401-233-1445
BUILDING INSPECTOR Michael Carnevale 401-233-1488 x403
TAX ASSESSOR Thomas Kane 401-232-0900 x208

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN COUNCIL Dino Autiello 401-276-5587 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Ronald Baccala Jr. (401)-414-7687 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Stefano Familglietti (401)-215-3462 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Mario Martone (401)-569-1374 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Mansuet Giusti III 401-231-6778 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Stephen Feola 401-484-2219 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Ken Amoriggi 401-486-2064 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Steven DiLorenzo 401-640-0613 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Raymond DeStefanis 401-641-0911 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Alice Brady 401-368-7838 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Stefano Famiglietti (401)-215-3462 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Ronald Iannetta 401-231-9392
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Dr. Frank W. Pallotta Jr. 4012331100 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Anthony Marciano 401-353-1436
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Gina Picard 401-383-0752
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Donald J. Cataldi 401-724-9849
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Roderick Dasilva 401-573-5467
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Stephen Palmieri 401-232-1514
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Steven Andreozzi 401-231-3069
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Charles F. Pollock Jr. 4012331100 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Arthur Corsini 4012331100 [email protected]

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