Public Utilities Commission

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Luly Massaro

89 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI, 02888
(401) 941-4500
(401) 941-1691

The Public Utilities Commission comprises two distinct regulatory bodies: a three-member Commission (the “Commission”) and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (the “Division”), and an Administrator.
The Commission serves as a quasi-judicial tribunal with jurisdiction, powers and duties to implement and enforce the standards of conduct under RIGL 39-1-27.6 and to hold investigations and hearings involving the rates, tariff, tolls, and charges, and the sufficiency and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of railroads, ferry boats, gas, electric distribution, water, telephone, telegraph, and pipelines public utilities, the location of railroad depots and stations, and the control of grade crossings, the revocation, suspension or alteration of certificates issued pursuant to RIGL 39-19-4, appeals under RIGL 39-1-30, petitions under RIGL 39-1-30, and proceedings under RIGL 39-1-32. Through participation in the Energy Siting Board, the Commission’s chair also exercises jurisdiction over the siting of major energy facilities, pursuant to Chapter 42-98. The Division is headed by an Administrator, who is not a Commissioner, exercises the jurisdiction, supervision, powers and duties not specifically assigned to the Commission, including the execution of all laws relating to public utilities and carriers and all regulations and orders of the Commission governing the conduct and charges of public utilities. The Division has exclusive jurisdiction over the rates, tariffs, tolls and charges and the sufficiency, and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of common carriers of property and passengers over the State’s public roadways, pursuant to RIGL Chapters 39-12, 39-13, and 39-14. Additionally, the Division supervises and regulates Community Antenna Television Systems (CATV) in Rhode Island; certifies all public utilities; and has independent regulatory authority over the transactions between public utilities and affiliates, and all public utility equity and debt issuances.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Administrator Linda George 401-941-4500 x668 [email protected]
Administrative & Legal Support Services Administrator Patricia Lucarelli 401-941-4500 x104 [email protected]
Administrative & Legal Support Services Administrator John Spirito (401)-941-4500 x152 [email protected]
Chief Economic and Policy Analyst Todd Bianco 401-941-4500 x 106 [email protected]
Chief of Public Utilities Accountant Alan Nault 401-941-4500 x 135 [email protected]
Chief of Public Utilities Accountant John Bell 401-941-4500 x144 [email protected]
Chief Public Utilities Accountant Alan Nault 401-941-4500 x135 [email protected]
Chairperson Ronald Gerwatowski 401-941-4500 x147 [email protected]
Commissioner John Revens 401-941-4500 x101 [email protected]
Commissioner Abigail Anthony 401-941-4500 x838 [email protected]
Associate Administrator for Motor Carriers Terrance Mercer 401-941-4500 x150 [email protected]
Associate Public Utilities Administrator- Cable TV Thomas Kogut 401-941-4500 x105 [email protected]
Commission Clerk Luly Massaro 401-941-4500 x107 [email protected]

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