Resource Recovery Corporation Board of Commissioners, Rhode Island

Contact Information

Jared Rhodes
(401) 228-3276

65 Shun Pike, Johnston, RI, 02919
(401) 942-1430
(401) 228-3280

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's (RIRRC) primary objectives are to promote systems for reducing waste generation, divert recyclable waste from disposal, and provide cost-effective disposal for the State. The Corporation operates the Central Landfill, located on 1,200 acres on Shun Pike in western Johnston. The Central Landfill provides disposal service to about 96% of the state's residents, disposing of approximately 650,000 tons of municipal and commercial solid waste annually. RIRRC's Material Recycling Facility is the largest MRF in the Northeast processing approximately 100,000 tons of recyclables annually.
The mission of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation is to provide safe, environmentally-compliant, clean and affordable solid waste and recycling services for the Rhode Island community. Resource Recovery's 1,200 acre facility in Johnston is home to five major operations. These include: 1. Its Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) which processes the state's single stream mixed recyclables; 2. Its Small Vehicle Area (SVA) which provides drop off services for disposal and/or recycling of various materials; 3. The Eco-Depot program which provides collection services for Household Hazardous Waste; 4. A composting facility for leaf and yard debris; and 5. The Central Landfill for trash disposal.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Executive Director Joseph P. Reposa 401-942-1430 [email protected]

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