Bristol, Town of

Contact Information

Louis Cirillo
(401) 253-7000

Bristol Town Hall, 10 Court St., Bristol, RI, 02809
(401) 253-7000
(401) 253-2647
[email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN ADMINISTRATOR Steven Contente (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
TOWN CLERK Louis P. Cirillo CMC (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
TREASURER/TAX COLLECTOR Julie R. Goucher 401-253-7000 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF (INTERIM) Brian P. Peters 401-253-6900 [email protected]
FIRE CHIEF Michael A DeMello (401)-253-6912 [email protected]
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Kevin R McBride (401)-253-4100 [email protected]
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Diane M. Williamson (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
TOWN SOLICITOR Michael A. Ursillo, Esq. (402)-331-2222 [email protected]
ASSESSOR Michelle DiMeo (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
BUILDING INSPECTOR/MINIMUM HOUSING Richard J. Pimenta (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
PLANNING BOARD CHAIR Jerome A. Squatrito (401)-253-7000 [email protected]
ZONING OFFICIAL Edward M. Tanner (401)-253-7000
SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Mario J. Andrade (401)-253-4000 [email protected]
DIRECTOR OF HUMAN SERVICES Edward Carusi (401)-253-4831 [email protected]
RECREATION DIRECTOR Sarah C Klein (401)-253-1611 [email protected]
DEFENSE CIVIL PREP. DIRECTOR Michael DeMello (401)-253-6912 [email protected]
HOUSING AUTH. EXEC. DIRECTOR M. Candace Pansa (401)-253-4464 [email protected]
LIBRARIAN Joan C. Prescott (401)-253-6948 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN COUNCIL Nathan T. Calouro 401-237-0003
TOWN COUNCIL Timothy E. Sweeney 401-489-0972
TOWN COUNCIL Antonio A. Teixeira (401)-253-6974
TOWN COUNCIL Mary A. Parella (401)-253-1099
TOWN COUNCIL Edward P. Stuart Jr. 401-258-9907
TOWN COUNCIL Aaron J. Ley (401)-424-1220

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Victor Cabral (401)-253-9254 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Sheila O. Ellsworth (508)-735-6712 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Carly N. Reich (401)-240-0002 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Paul Silva 401-252-1921 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Brian Bradshaw 401-396-5477 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Marjorie J. McBride 401-253-8006 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Diana B. Campbell 401-253-8006 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE William M. O'Dell 401-254-1692 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Adam M Ramos 401-338-2706 [email protected]

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