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Elizabeth Silvestre
401-784-9500 x171

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) provides mass transit service in 36 of the 39 cities and towns within the State of Rhode Island. An 8 member Board of Directors governs the Authority. RIPTA's present fleet of vehicles contains 223 fixed route buses, 94 paratransit vans and 16 flex vans. RIPTA's main bus boarding facility is located in the City of Providence with a satellite terminal in the City of Newport. In fiscal year 2018, RIPTA provided approximately 10.1 million fixed-route vehicle miles annually in Rhode Island. RIPTA, the State's Mobility Manager, operates over 3,000 daily bus trips on over 50 bus routes throughout the state. In fiscal year 2018, RIPTA provided over 16 million rides.
The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is empowered to provide fixed route mass bus operations and complimentary paratransit service to ADA eligible Rhode Islanders within 3/4 mile of fixed route service that are deemed in the best interest of the people of the State of Rhode Island.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Chief Legal Counsel Steven Colantuono (401)-784-9500 [email protected]
Chief Legal Counsel Benjamin Salzillo 401-784-9500 x139 [email protected]
Chief of Human Resources Kathy Nadeau 401-784-9500 x156 [email protected]
Chief Security Officer James Pereira 401-784-9500 [email protected]
Chief of Strategic Advancement Amy Pettine (401)-784-9500 [email protected]
Chief of Operations James Tierney 401-784-9500 x239 [email protected]
Executive Administrative Officer Elizabeth Silvestre (401)-784-9500 [email protected]
Director of Public Affairs Barbara Polichetti (401)-784-9500 [email protected]
Executive Director of Paratransit Mark Therrien 401-784-9500 x152 [email protected]
Executive Director of Maintenance Bernard Harwood 401-784-9500 x165 [email protected]
Director of Procurement Roger Mencarini 401-784-9500 x132 [email protected]
Chief Technology Officer Gary Jarvis 401-784-9500 x1215
Director of Accounting Paul Dilorio 401-784-9500 x1123
Executive Director of Finance Christopher Durand 401-784-9500 x1231
Executive Director of Transportation James Dean 401-784-9500 x145 [email protected]
Superintendent Newport Kevin Carmody 401-784-9500 x501 [email protected]
Director Planning Gregory Nordin 401-784-9500 x1237

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