Warren, Town of

Contact Information

Sandrea Speroni
(401) 245-7340

514 Main St., Warren, RI, 02885
(401) 245-7340
(401) 245-7421

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN MANAGER Kate Michaud 401-245-7554 [email protected]
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Denise Kinney 401-245-7554 [email protected]
ASSESSOR Kristopher Leadem 401-245-7342 [email protected]
BUILDING OFFICIAL/MINIMUM HOUSING Tony Carvalho 401-245-7343 [email protected]
TOWN CLERK Julie A. Coelho 401-245-7340 [email protected]
DEFENSE CIVIL PREP. DIRECTOR James A. Sousa 401-245-7600 [email protected]
HOUSING AUTHORITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Michael J. Abbruzzi 401-245-7019 [email protected]
LIBRARIAN E. Patricia Redfearn 401-245-7686 [email protected]
PLANNER Bob Rulli 401-289-0529 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF Peter T. Achilli 401-245-1311 [email protected]
PROBATE JUDGE Anthony DeSisto 401-245-7340
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Jan P. Malik 401-245-0200 [email protected]
RECREATION DIRECTOR Tara Thibaudeau 401-824-6189 [email protected]
SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER Pauline Silva 401-253-4000
TOWN SOLICITOR Anthony DeSisto 401-421-0170 [email protected]
SOCIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR Ann Marie Roy 401-245-7387 [email protected]
ZONING OFFICIAL Tony Carvalho 401-245-7343 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN COUNCIL Stephen P. Calenda (401)-338-3709 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Joseph A. DePasquale (401)-633-2684 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Keri M Cronin (401)-369-2582 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL Christopher W. Stanley 401-338-6015 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL John W. Hanley (401)-245-8001 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL P. Brandt Heckert (401)-578-2769 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Erin Schofield 401-222-3250
SCHOOL COMMITTEE John C. Bento 401-625-6760 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE John P. Saviano (401)-633-2684 [email protected]

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