Coastal Resources Management Council

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Jeffrey Willis

Oliver H. Stedman Government Center, 4808 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield, RI, 02879
(401) 783-3370
(401) 783-2069
[email protected]

The Council's primary responsibility is for the continued planning, management and preservation, protection, development, and, where possible, the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the issuance of permits for work and the development of planning programs within the coastal zone of the state. The Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) is administered by a council who are appointed representatives of the public, state, and local government, and a staff of professional engineers, biologists, environmental scientists, and marine resources specialists.
It is the responsibility of the Coastal Resources Management Council to: preserve, protect, develop, and where possible, restore the coastal resources of the state; maintain a balance between conservation and development and between conflicting private and public interests that will provide the greatest long term benefits to the people of Rhode Island; protect and preserve valuable natural and cultural features such as historic sites, barrier beaches, coastal ponds, wetlands, and fishing grounds that are vulnerable to development and misuse; protect and promote public access to the shore and provide high quality recreational opportunities to all who come to the Rhode Island shore; provide suitable waterfront sites for industries and businesses that require direct access to coastal waters while directing other industries to suitable inland sites; direct new development away from sensitive areas and into already developed area; establish a working partnership among the public and local, state and federal governments that insures the efficient administration of the Coastal Management Program.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Executive Director Jeffrey M. Willis 401-783-3370 [email protected]

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