Commerce Corporation, Rhode Island

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Thomas Carlotto
(401) 272-1400

315 Iron Horse Way, Ste. 101, Providence, RI, 02908
(401) 278-9100
(401) 273-8270
[email protected]

Total Budget: $41.5 million consisting of an Annual Operating Budget: $7.5 million and an Annual Program Budget: $34 million. The Commerce Corporation’s mission is to grow Rhode Island’s economy by investing alongside private, public, and non-profit partners in strategic assets that promote prosperity for our citizens. The Corporation directly invests in the state's economy through public relations and branding, and offering business services and assistance, access to capital, and a variety of other programs – all of which are aimed at helping companies create and expand economic activity within Rhode Island’s borders.
The Commerce Corporation employs a world-class team of dedicated professionals working with new and existing companies on Business Development, Client Services, Investments/Transactions, and Strategic Marketing. The Business Development team provides the Corporation’s key services related to corporate attraction, business retention and expansion. The Client Services team provides customer service support, advocacy, and project management services to Rhode Island companies interacting with state government, and works in parallel with the Business Development team to maintain close relationships with Rhode Island businesses. The Investment team specializes in making economic development investments through various incentive vehicles that are expected to have a catalytic and/or growth-oriented impact on Rhode Island’s economy. The Strategic Marketing team is responsible for redeveloping, deploying, and maintaining Rhode Island’s brand by organizing and managing marketing functions to achieve the State’s objective of strengthening its attractiveness for tourism and business growth. Finally, the Corporation works hard to effect statutory and regulatory changes geared toward making Rhode Island a more hospitable place to start or expand a business.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Chief Financial Officer Lisa Lasky 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Executive Vice President, Investments Jeff Miller (401)-278-9100 [email protected]
Executive Vice President, Investments Jesse Saglio 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Managing Director, Financial Services William Ash 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Executive Vice President, Business Development Hilary Fagan 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Vice President, Business Assistance Matthew Vargas (401)-278-9100 [email protected]
Vice President, Business Assistance Elizabeth Tanner Esq. 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Managing Director, Innovation Christine Smith 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Chief Marketing Officer Lara Salamano 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Outreach Matthew Sheaff (401)-278-9100 [email protected]
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Outreach Melissa Czerwein 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Senior Advisor Joseph Riccio (401)-278-9100 [email protected]
Senior Advisor Dan Jennings 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Government Procurement Program Manager Melody Weeks (401)-278-9100 [email protected]
Government Procurement Program Manager Stephen Katz 401-278-9100 [email protected]
Business Advisor Group Executive Kathy Therieau 401-278-9100 [email protected]

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