Airport Corporation, Rhode Island

Contact Information

Sapha Mabrouk
(401) 691-2222

2000 Post Rd., 3rd Fl., Warwick, RI, 02886
(401) 691-2000
(401) 691-2560
[email protected]

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) is a quasi-public corporation that receives no funds from the State’s General Purpose fund for the operation and maintenance of any of the six airports under its jurisdiction. The RIAC is empowered to undertake the planning, development, management, acquisition, ownership, operations, repair, construction, improvement, maintenance, sale, lease, or other disposition of any “airport facility” as defined in Rhode Island General Law. Airports: Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport, Warwick; North Central Airport, Smithfield; Quonset Airport, North Kingstown; Westerly Airport, Westerly; Newport Airport, Middletown; Block Island Airport, Block Island.

Title Name Phone Number Email
President & CEO Iftikhar Ahmad 401-691-2222 [email protected]
Acting Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Dawn Mineker 401-691-2417 [email protected]
Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs & Human Resources Brittany Morgan 401-691-2288 [email protected]
Senior Vice President, Business Development & Information Technology Nikolas Persson 401-691-2274 [email protected]
Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration Nicole Williams 401-691-2210 [email protected]
Senior Vice President, Operations Robert VanBurg 401-691-2314 [email protected]
Vice President, Customer Service Tim Pimental 401-691-2488 [email protected]
Vice President, Infrastructure Jessica Damicis 401-691-2486 [email protected]
Vice President, Infrastructure Duc Nguyen 401-691-2329 [email protected]
Vice President, Information Technology David Spalding Jr. 401-691-2290 [email protected]
Assistant Vice President, Grants & Procurement Shahzad Sadozai 401-691-2233 [email protected]
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Donald Stubbs 401-691-2404 [email protected]
Assistant Vice President, Media & Public Relations John Goodman 401-691-2204 [email protected]
Director, Concessions & Commercial Programs Nedjyne Victor 401-691-2275 [email protected]
Director, Marketing & Executive Office Alicia Seabury 401-691-2252 [email protected]

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