Coventry, Town of

Contact Information

Cheryl Wilcox

Coventry Town Hall, 1670 Flat River Rd., Coventry, RI, 02816
(401) 821-6400
(401) 822-9132
[email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN MANAGER Daniel Parrillo 401-822-9185 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF Frederick J. Heise III (401) 826-1100 [email protected]
TOWN SOLICITOR Stephen J. Angell 401-258-3440 [email protected]
SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Don Cowart 401-822-9400 [email protected]
PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Kevin McGee (401)-822-9183 [email protected]
TAX COLLECTOR Monique Houle 401-822-9165 [email protected]
BUILDING INSPECTOR Chuck Phelps 401-822-9157 [email protected]
RECREATION DIRECTOR Raena Blumenthal (401)-822-9137 [email protected]
TAX ASSESSOR Kerri Martini 4018229163 [email protected]
HOUSING AUTHORITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Julie Leddy 401-828-4367 [email protected]
TOWN CLERK Joanne Amitrano (401)-822-9173 [email protected]
HUMAN SERVICES DIRECTOR Robert Robillard (401)-822-9127 [email protected]
BOARD OF CANVASSERS, CLERK Lori Anderson (401)-822-9150 [email protected]
LIBRARY DIRECTOR Megan Weeden 4018229101 [email protected]
ZONING ENFORCEMENT CLERK Kerrie Karwoski (401)-822-9196 [email protected]
PLANNING DIRECTOR Herb Durfee 4018229184 [email protected]
IT DIRECTOR Cody Haughton 401-822-9188 [email protected]
HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR Robert Robillard 401-822-9127 [email protected]
ASSISTANT PLANNER John Studley 4018226230 [email protected]
FINANCE DIRECTOR Robert J. Civetti 401-822-9130 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 Jonathan J. Pascua 401-598-7562 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 Karen M. Carlson 401-230-0100 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 Gregory Laboissonniere (401)-474-9954 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 Jennifer M. Ludwig 5514824725 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 3 Kerry McGee (401)-821-1228 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 3 James LeBlanc 4018211426 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 4 Glenford J. Shibley 401-525-6705 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 4 Hillary V. Lima 4015854286 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 5 Debra L. Bacon 401-258-8073 [email protected]
TOWN COUNCIL DISTRICT 5 Kimberly A. Shockley 4012418517 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 1 Ana Isabel R dos Reis-Couto 401-225-2591
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 1 Ann M. Dickson Ed.D. 401-397-7540 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 2 Bradford A. Mayer 774-991-1632
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 3 John A. Cambio 401-497-0521
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 4 David P. Florio 401-286-2193 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE DISTRICT 5 James P. Pierson 401-237-0363 [email protected]

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