Disabilities, Governor's Commission on

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Bob Cooper

John O. Pastore Center, 2 Cherry Dale Ct., Cranston, RI, 02920
(401) 462-0100
(401) 462-0106
[email protected]

https://www.twitter.com/ri _disabilities

The Commission's goals are the adoption of state government policies that will ensure every person with a disability is able to work; is able to live on her/his own; with the right services, at the right time, and in the right place; and is involved in her/his neighborhood and community. That every person with a disability is able to exercise all the rights and responsibilities afforded to citizens of this state. That every working-age person with a disability has the opportunity to work with supports and/or accommodations if needed. That entrepreneurship opportunities and supports are available for working age persons with disabilities.
The Commission is responsible for protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities including coordinating the state compliance with federal and state disability rights laws; providing technical assistance to public and private agencies, businesses, and citizens in complying with those laws; managing the state's ADA/504 Accessibility renovation projects to overcome physical and communication barriers in state-owned facilities; making polling places accessible to individuals with the full range of disabilities; training election officials, poll workers, and election volunteers to promote the access and participation of individuals with the full range of disabilities in elections for Federal office; providing individuals with the full range of disabilities with information about their rights; and investigating disability discrimination complaints involving physical barriers at public or private facilities and ordering corrective action. The Commission also advocates for the adoption of public policies so that each person with a disability is able to reach her/his maximum potential in independence, human development, productivity, and self-sufficiency. The Commission's Disability Business Enterprise program assists small disadvantaged businesses owned by persons with disabilities to win state-funded and state-directed public construction contracts and state contracts for goods and services. The Commission recently started the RI Livable Home Modification Grant program, awarding grants for 50% up to $4,000 of the cost of removing barriers in homes so a family member with a disability can remain in the community.

Title Name Phone Number Email
Executive Secretary Bob Cooper 401-462-0102 [email protected]
Assistant ADA Coordinator - Employment Christine Rancourt-Bruzzi (401)-462-0107 [email protected]
Assistant ADA Coordinator - Accessibility Denyse Wilhelm (401)-462-0108 [email protected]
Assistant ADA Coordinator - Accessibility Christopher DeGrave 401-462-0108 [email protected]
Senior Planning and Program Development Specialist Alyssa Gleason (401)-462-0103 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Barbara Palazzo (401)-462-0100 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Lorna Dobson 401-462-0100 [email protected]
Fiscal Clerk Michael Carlino (401)-462-0105 [email protected]
Assistant ADA Coordinator (Employment) Christine Rancourt-Bruzzi 401-462-0107 [email protected]
Assistant ADA Coordinator (Accessibility) Christopher DeGrave 401-462-0108 [email protected]
Public Education Aide Alyssa Sarault 401-462-0100 [email protected]

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