East Providence, City of

Contact Information

Kim Casci - Palangio

145 Taunton Ave., East Providence , RI, 02914
(401) 435-7500
[email protected]


Title Name Phone Number Email
MAYOR Roberto DaSilva (401)-435-7500 [email protected]
BUILDING OFFICIAL/MINIMUM HOUSING Albert Quattrucci (401)-435-7721 [email protected]
CANVASSING AUTHORITY ADMINISTRATOR Leslie Shattuck-Moore (401)-435-7505 [email protected]
CITY CLERK Samantha N Burnett (401)-435-7590 [email protected]
CITY SOLICITOR Michael J. Marcello (401)-435-7523 [email protected]
FINANCE DIRECTOR Malcolm Moore (401)-435-7551 [email protected]
FIRE CHIEF Oscar Elmasian (401)-435-7677 [email protected]
POLICE CHIEF William Nebus (401)-435-7600 [email protected]
RECREATION Diane Sullivan (401)-435-7531 [email protected]
ASSESSOR Steven Hazard (401)-435-7500 [email protected]
CHIEF OF STAFF Anne Quinterno [email protected]
SENIOR CENTER Robert Rock (401)-435-7500 [email protected]
DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS Stephen Coutu (401)-435-7500 [email protected]
LIBRARY SERVICES Michael Carlozzi (401)-435-7500 [email protected]
PLANNER (ACTING) Diane Feather (401)-435-7500 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
CITY COUNCIL Nathan W. Cahoon (401)-465-3345 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Ricardo D. Mourato (401)-749-1751 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Robert P. Rodericks (401)-640-5802 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL James A. Briden 401-323-8641 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Anna M. Sousa (401)-257-8824 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Robert Britto 401-447-4226 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Robert Britto (401)-447-4226 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Joseph A. Botelho 401-438-0100 [email protected]
CITY COUNCIL Brian Faria 401-644-7578 [email protected]

Title Name Phone Number Email
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Nathan W. Cahoon 401-465-3345 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Charles S. Tsonos (401)-438-4552 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Anthony J. Ferreira (401)-255-2820 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Karen Jean Oliveira (401)-383-2224 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Jessica Beauchaine (401)-862-9049 [email protected]
SCHOOL COMMITTEE Joel Monteiro (401)-829-1946 [email protected]

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