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If you would like to be considered for appointment to a Board or Commission where the Governor is the appointing authority, you can complete the appointment questionnaire and share it with the Governor’s Office at [email protected].


The Department of State receives information relating to Boards & Commissions directly from the appointing authorities. We do not have the authority to enforce compliance or change the information stored in our database without official notification from the appropriate appointing authorities.

Board and Commission members may be listed with expired terms because State law often allows people to serve until replaced, even if the term of their appointment has expired. In other cases, the Department of State may not have received official notification from the appointing authority of a new appointment.

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Ambulance Service Advisory Board, Rhode Island
Maximum Members: 25
Authority: 23-4.1-2
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Richard, James T Rhode Island State Association of Fire Fighters 05/19/2023 02/01/2028 Governor McKee
Potvin, John H. Rhode Island State Association of Fire Fighters 05/03/2023 02/01/2028 Governor McKee
Paid EMT 05/25/2018 02/01/2023 Governor Raimondo
Rep. Kent County 05/02/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Watt, Randall Rep. Newport County 02/16/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Cardarelli, Gillian Rep. Providence County 03/23/2022 02/01/2022 Governor Chafee
Blais RN, Lynn Emergency Nurse Association 02/07/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Greene, Richard J Kent County Representative 02/07/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Connolly M.D., Michael David RI Ch. Am. College Surgeons Comm. on Trauma 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Carreiro, Lt. Michael Speaker of the House Recommendation 04/11/2022 02/01/2025 Governor McKee
Baginski, Joseph Professional Ambulance Service 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Capaldi Jr, Francesco L Rhode Island State Association of Fire Fighters 02/01/2028 Governor McKee
Poirier, Lori L Rhode Island State Firefighter's League 09/11/2023 02/01/2028 Governor McKee
Calci, Keith 03/02/2020 02/01/2025 Speaker of the House Mattiello
Rybasack-Smith MD., Heather Rhode Island Medical Society 02/01/2026 Governor McKee
Green MS, Danielle E General Public Member 12/30/2021 02/01/2025 Governor McKee
Carter MD, Ryan M Am College Emergency Physicians 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Colwell, Virginia M Providence City Volunteer 02/16/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
General Public Representative 02/01/2020 Governor Raimondo
Polisena, The Hon. Joseph Recommended by the Senate President 09/25/2019 02/01/2024 President of the Senate Ruggerio
Partington, Chief Scott Rep. RI Assoc. of Fire Chiefs 05/23/2017 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Palmisciano MD, Lynne M. Rep. RI Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Reis R.N., Adam Representing Private Ambulance Service 03/07/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Kenyon, Zachariah R 07/22/2019 02/01/2021 Governor Raimondo
Barton, Kathleen General Public 05/01/2017 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
DeMello, Michael A. Rep. Bristol County 02/07/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Gingerella R.N., NREMT, Bethany Rep. Washington County 02/07/2022 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Perreault, Kimberly Rep. Providence County Volunteer Department 07/11/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Lewis, Dawn M. Hospital Association of RI Representative 05/01/2017 02/01/2027 Governor McKee
Representing Emergency Nurses Association 09/06/2017 02/01/2022 Governor Raimondo

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