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National and Community Service, Rhode Island Commission for
Maximum Members: 
Authority: PL 2017 ch 395
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Mansolillo, Abby 16 - 25 yr old participant or supervisor 07/23/2018 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Rosen, Kayla Expert educational training and developmental need 07/23/2018 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Ruggeri, Elaine J. 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Perlman, Willa 08/08/2018 08/31/2018 Governor Raimondo
Messier, Brenda Dann Commissioner Post Secondary Education 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Wagner Ph.D., Ken Chair 12/10/2018 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Fernandez, Kimberly 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Oliveira, Keith 11/10/2018 08/31/2019 Governor Raimondo
Palermo, Taino Higher Education 11/23/2018 08/31/2019 Governor Raimondo
Howard, Carlon 03/21/2019 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Pac, Janice Pothier 12/26/2018 08/31/2020 Governor Raimondo
Brown, Jessica 12/10/2018 08/31/2020 Governor Raimondo
Pecchia, Kyla 07/05/2018 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
Plitt, Arthur 11/13/2018 08/31/2021 Governor Raimondo
DeLuca, Gianna Rep.for community based agencies 11/04/2019 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Ross, Eddie 06/26/2018 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Davidson, Michelle Parent 12/03/2018 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo
Fairchild, Daniela 09/01/2022 Governor Raimondo

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