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Restoration Committee, Rhode Island State House
Maximum Members: 
Authority: Ex. Order 95-15
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Smith, John W. Governor Chafee
Strachan, Sally 07/18/2007 Governor Carcieri
Stark, Dennis 05/06/2003 Governor Carcieri
Harsch, Cristina Thayer 02/16/2005 Governor Carcieri
Arnold, John 05/15/2003 Governor Carcieri
Rockett, Sarah 05/07/2003 Governor Carcieri
Izzi, Alison Governor Raimondo
Dibiase, Michael Governor Raimondo
O'Toole, Marjory 02/17/2021 Governor Raimondo
Sparkman, Lane Governor Raimondo
Mullen, Kelsey Designee to Executive Director of The Providence Preservation Society Executive Director of The Providence Preservation Society
Debs, Elizabeth 07/28/2022 Governor McKee
Executive Director of The Providence Preservation Society Statutory
Riggs, Mary Governor Chafee
Brown, Marisa 10/19/2017 Governor Raimondo
Executive Director of RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission Statutory
Powell, Mikael 10/03/2017 Governor Raimondo
Vacant, 11/15/2017 Governor Raimondo

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