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Our database includes the members of every board and commission's board of directors, the term of their appointment and who made the appointment. For those with a yen for public service, our database can also be used to identify opportunities to serve on a state board or commission.


The Department of State receives information relating to Boards & Commissions directly from the appointing authorities. We do not have the authority to enforce compliance or change the information stored in our database without official notification from the appropriate appointing authorities.

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Adult Offender Supervisions, Interstate Compact Commission for
Maximum Members: 
Authority: 13-9.1-1.3
Name Position Engagement Term Expiration Appointed By
Kelly, Kathleen Rep. the Executive Branch 08/06/2014 Governor Chafee
Queenan, Laura Rep. Executive Branch 08/13/2014 Governor Chafee
Imbriglio, Christine Rep. Of the Executive Branch 08/19/2014 Governor Chafee
Vogel, The Honorable Netti Rep. The Judicial Branch Statutory
Jabour, Paul Rep. The Legislative Branch Statutory
McElroy, Mary Rep. The Public Defender's Office Statutory
Wall II, Ashbel T. Compact Administrator 02/28/2005 Governor Carcieri
Cortese, Shelley Rep. Of the Executive Branch 08/13/2014 Governor Chafee
Langhammer, Margaret Rep. Of Victim's Groups 05/14/2003 Governor Carcieri
Dimitri Jr., Justice William A. Chief Justice Williams
Vacant, Statutory
Capraro Esq., Anthony Public Defender Hardiman

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