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Subcommittee Name
Friends of the Jamestown Seniors
Jamestown Affordable Housing
Jamestown Ambulance Association Compensation
Jamestown Beavertail State Park Advisory
Jamestown Bike Path Committee
Jamestown Board of Canvassers
Jamestown Charter Review Committee
Jamestown Committee on LNG Threat
Jamestown Community Playground Renovation Committee
Jamestown Computer Study
Jamestown Conservation Commission
Jamestown Farmland Acquisition Committee
Jamestown Fire Department Compensation
Jamestown Fort Getty Master Plan
Jamestown Golf Course Advisory
Jamestown Harbor Management Commission
Jamestown Juvenile Hearing Board
Jamestown Library Board
Jamestown Library Building Committee
Jamestown Library Director Search Committee
Jamestown Neighborhood Advisory
Jamestown Ordinance Review Committee
Jamestown Personnel Board
Jamestown Planning Commission
Jamestown Police Pension Committee
Jamestown Prevention Coalition
Jamestown Recycling Committee
Jamestown Sanctuary Working Group
Jamestown Seniors Working Group
Jamestown Special Education Local Advisory Committee
Jamestown Substance Abuse Committee
Jamestown Tax Assessment Board of Review
Jamestown Technical Review Committee
Jamestown Tick Task Force
Jamestown Tick Task Force - Hunting Information Sub Committee
Jamestown Town Administrator Search
Jamestown Town Buildings & Facilities
Jamestown Town Charter Review Committee
Jamestown Town Council
Jamestown Traffic Committee
Jamestown Tree Preservation & Protection
Jamestown Water & Sewer Board of Commissioners
Jamestown Water Resource Protection
Jamestown Water Study
Jamestown Wildlife Committee
Jamestown Wind Energy Committee
Jamestown Zoning Board of Review
Renovation of the Jamestown Library Committee
Jamestown Ad Hoc Committee for Public Art
Gould Island Committee
Jamestown Senior Services Committee

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Upcoming Meetings for Jamestown, Town of Subcommittees

Name Date Time
Jamestown Zoning Board of Review Jun 25, 2024 07:00PM
Jamestown Tick Task Force Jun 25, 2024 05:00PM
Jamestown Planning Commission Jun 26, 2024 06:30PM
Jamestown Affordable Housing Jun 26, 2024 05:15PM

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